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About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country in South – eastern Europe, member of the European union and NATO. It is situated in the east part of the Balkan peninsula and takes 22 % of its surface. Bulgaria bounds by the Black sea on the east, by Greece and Turkey on the south, by Serbia and the Macedonian republic on the west and by Romania on the north, separated by the river of Danube. The total length of the national border is 2245km, from them - 1881 land km, 686 river km and 378 sea km. From 1991 the official name of the country is Republic of Bulgaria.

The national feast is March 3d (Day of the Liberation from the Ottoman invasion). Official state feasts are also September 6th – the day of the Unification, September 22 – day of the Independence and May 24th –St Cyril and Methodius day . Bulgaria has very rich history, dating few thousands years. |The first bulgarian empire is founded 681 by khan Asparuh, and Pliska is chosen for capital. In the 9th century Bulgaria became one of the most powerful states on the continent. 1018 Bulgaria fell to the Byzantine empire. In 1186 the brothers Asen and Peter gave the birth of the Second bulgarian empire. In the 13th century after considerable territorial expansion, cultural and economical progress Bulgaria became again fundamental political factor in Europe. After the long crisis in the 14th century , in 1396 the country was occupied by the Ottoman army. The Ottoman slavery continued 4 centuries . After long war and diplomatic battles on July 1st 1878 the Berlin pact was signed, attesting the autonomous statute of Bulgaria. On September 6th 1885 was announced the Unification of the bulgarian lands, and on September 22d 1908 was announced the Bulgarian Independence.

Today Bulgaria is parliamentary republic. The national symbols of Bulgaria are the anthem, the flag, the national emblem, the Guards of the Republic. In 1999 Bulgaria was divided in 29 administrative regions. According to the data of the National statistic institute the population in Bulgaria by 2007 is 7 679 290. From south to east, the country is separated in 4 natural regions, taking the territories in direction west – east – The Danube lowland, Stara planina, The Thracian lowland and the Rila – Rhodopi's massif. With moderate continental climate is characterised mostly the territory of North Bulgaria. In the space between Stara planina and Rhodopi is the transitional climate with Mediterranean influence. The coastal lowland is situated under the balanced influence of the Black sea, on the highest points of the mountains is the alpine climate.